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About Us

John Richards

SIV Managing Partner

Entrepreneur to IPO

Over 200 Angel Investments

Former MP of Utah Angels

Strong Local Network/Reputation

Respected Investo

Tyler Richards Startup Ignition Ventures

Tyler Richards

SIV General Partner

Serial Exited Entrepreneur

Successful Angel Investor

Accelerator Manager

Founder of DevMountain

Startup Boards and Advisory

Why Startup Ignition Ventures?

Dont just take money from anyone, make sure you take strategic capital.


Strong Network

Decades of building a venture ecosystem. Our team were managing partners of Utah Angels, the founders of BoomStartup accelerator, and have mentored thousands of startups and entrepreneurs.



Our team are truly “been there, done that” entrepreneurs with successful exits.  SIV partners have not only seen every situation, but have literally experienced and lived every startup step. From founding docs to IPO. Our SIV team is made up of founders responsible for noted companies such as Infospace, DevMountain, and Mountain Ops.


Lean Startup

Our investing thesis is based around lean startup methodology. We believe success is created by data driven traction and action, through scientific market experiments, and rapid iterations. This mitigates risk for the entrepreneur, investors, and the startup.


Roll up our sleeves

Talking about being successful is easy. Actually experiencing true success is hard. We help our founders every step of the way. We are not silent investors who pat you on the head and say “go figure it out”. We roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with you. Whether it is day 1 or day of exit, we want to be your first call for anything!

Our strategy

Our strategies rest on the back on lean startup principles. We believe in validating a business model with true lean startup methodology. No pre-mature scaling. No fluff. Just hard work and execution.